Skydive Pattaya

Welcome to Skydive Pattaya!

Skydive Pattaya Co., Ltd. is a tandem skydiving operation. We have been serving our customers with the thrill of freefall here in Pattaya since 2006.

No previous experience required!

On a tandem skydive you get to do a freefall jump attached to a highly experienced skydiving instructor. The jump will be made from the highest altitude permitted by the local air traffic control at the time of the jump (9,000ft - 13,500ft).

On your request we will take video and still pictures of your skydive. Ready on DVD/USB 30 minutes after your jump.

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Meet your instructor:

Our chief instructor is Jukka Holttinen, 41 years of age, from Finland. He has 25 years of skydiving experience and has made more than 7,000 jumps to date, including over 6,000 tandem jumps. He will take good care of you in the air.

Video / Photos

We can do video and photos of your skydive on request. The video is HD quality and professionally edited with music. Video and pictures are taken by a professional air to air videographer.

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